Alma Maroney

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This is the end of this Alma storyline, but it’s actually just the beginning. These past 6 comics were more of a realignment with what I want from her for this comic, so these 6 comics were basically an introduction.

When I created Tone Deaf I had zero reoccurring characters. But, as time went on I started making one character be the band director (who turned into Ed as we now know him). The same went for the assistant director (which turned into Thom). This went on and on to include the choir director, the composer, the mentor, the principal, etc. A lot of these characters were the same personality, but different job functions.

Scott Mackerel was the comic composer and Alma was the comic choir director. Neither of these two made appearances very often in the comic as their roles were very limited for what I needed them to be. Their personalities were covered by other characters, so anytime I needed them it would have to be for very specific job functions.

What I’m essentially doing with these 6 comics is combining Scott Mackerel and Alma Maroney into one character. I think it will add a lot more to that character, just in terms of what she will bring for job function. But, because now she has two jobs (one that she really loves to do and what she has to do- while still liking that job) it will help create some self-tension in her character.

Sometimes, in art you have to get rid of something to make it better. I feel this will be the case with eliminating Scott Mackerel, but I also don’t think this will be the first instance of it either.

With all this being said, I have another storyline in mind for her coming up within the next half year, but you will have to be patient with that as I have another storyline spinning behind the scenes that will be revealed soon.

Enjoy the comics!



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