New Tone Deaf Release Schedule

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Tone Deaf Comics will be going to a new release schedule starting immediately. Instead of the three times a week release (MWF), it will now switch to a two times a week release (Monday, Thursday).

I’ve been working a full time job for a year and half now and it has grown increasingly difficult to maintain a three comics per week schedule. I barely draw at my home computer anymore (I’ve maybe drawn 5 comics at home in the last year). Almost all new comics are produced on my laptop before I clock in for work.

On top of this change, Tone Deaf will not release during holiday breaks, nor summer breaks, as well. While this seems like a negative, it will actually give me a chance to follow a yearly structure with my thoughts and ideas, so hopefully the comics will seem a little bit more cohesive.

Is this a permanent change? No idea, but for the time being that is what it will be. I still love creating the comics for everyone- I just wish there were more hours in the day!



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