Tone Deaf follows two band directors, Ed and Thom, at Dudley High School and how they deal with the band program while having to deal with each other. From time to time Tone Deaf offers random comics that have nothing to do with Ed and Thom but still use (or abuse) music as its subject matter. Tone Deaf updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
The Cast

Ed Harmon has been the head band director at Dudley High School for 12 years. He is married and has one son, even though he rarely gets to see them during the school year. His passion since he was in high school has been to teach and he loves nothing more than to do that, although the other jobs and tasks of being a band director severely hinder that. His biggest regret in life- hiring Thom.
Thom Talbott is the assistant band director at Dudley High School and is in his 2nd year of teaching overall, although he pines for his college days ever so. Even though Ed has more experience, Thom thinks he knows more than him and is often unrealistic in his teaching technique and expectations of what the kids can really do. He does not plan on ever getting married or having kids.
Alma Maroney is the first year choir teacher at the school. She knows a lot about music but still needs to refine her brash approach to the students and the parents. She is also a huge Lord of the Rings nerd, which further pushes Thom’s infatuation with her.
Dr. Dappatone is Ed’s mentor from college. Even though he is retired he still stops by to help Ed whenever he needs help or guidance with music and teaching. He likes the simple things in life and loves nothing more than marches.
Scott Mackerel is the local composer who lives in a studio apartment all by himself. He is very friendly, extremely shy, but overly opinionated. He and Ed have been good friends since college.
Dmitri is a saxophone student at the school who has trouble making friends due to the amount of time he spends studying classical music. He would not know what to do at school if it weren’t for the band room.
Al Coda is the local, fictional, music store salesman at the local, fictional, Al Coda’s Used Instrument Kiosk in the Three Pines Mall. Al usually can not help his customers due to his pure idiocy.
Principal Palumbo is a music program’s worst nightmare. In no way, shape, or form does he support the arts and tries everything in his power to make Ed’s job a living hell.
Ms. Vosser is a band parent who brings up every little issue and is constantly nagging Ed and Thom about how they aren’t treating her little angel, Brittany, like the princess she deserves to be treated. Everything is their fault, and not her daughter’s.

The Cartoonist

John Bogenschutz writes and draws Tone Deaf for a living. He received a Bachelors of Music Education degree from Northern Kentucky University. He was also a band director for a couple of years, a music arranger for about ten years and now cartoonist. He also has 3 published compositions to his credit (Hymn for the Altruistic, Red Rocks Fanfare, and Contambiance Fanfare). John currently lives in Union, KY with his beautiful wife and three sons.