Beginning Band is a webcomic about music students starting their journey into band. The comic follows Judy Tooty, Parker Charles, and Crash as they try to learn their instruments under the direction of the directors Mr. Baton and Ms. Clef. The comic updates every Tuesday and Thursday!


Beginning Band is created and ran by John Bogenschutz. John received a Bachelors of Music Education degree from Northern Kentucky University. He was also a band director for a couple of years, a music arranger for about ten years and now cartoonist. He created Tone Deaf Comics in 2010 and ran it for 12 successful years.

He also has 3 published compositions to his credit (Hymn for the Altruistic, Red Rocks Fanfare, and Contambiance Fanfare). John currently lives in Union, KY with his beautiful wife and three sons.

Purchases of any kind from the Tone Deaf Store are a great way to show your support for Tone Deaf Comics and make being a cartoonist a reality for John, and his family. Thanks for supporting me and for spreading the word!

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